Goshen Township, Ohio

Goshen Township Police Make Drug Arrest! 

At 8:30 a.m. Thursday April 24th, Cpl. Ron Robinson arrived at 403 Country Lake Circle with a search warrant in hand!

Police said 22 year old Artie D. Vineyard sold marijuana to an undercover police informant on 4 different occasions since February. At least one of these sales happened in the presence of young children in the parking lot of the complex. Vineyard stated he could get up to 1 pound of marijuana at any given time for sale.

Police raided the apartment and found marijuana, 300 dollars cash, scales, and drug paraphernalia inside.

Vineyard is facing charges of felony drug trafficking. The grand jury should receive the case in about a week. 2 other people inside the apartment will also face charges in connection.

This is just the latest arrest in Goshen Township's ongoing fight against drugs. On April 10th, police arrested 7 people after busting a drug trafficking and counterfeiting ring. More than 70 officers raided 5 mobile homes finding heroin, cocaine, and marijuana and counterfeiting tools. These arrests were the result of a 3-month investigation with cooperation from the Miami Township Police Department and Clermont County Sheriff's Department.

 The community rallies behind their police department. On April 15th, Jeff Shelton donated 500 dollars to the department as a gift from his grandfather, Gene Vandandingham. That money was designated for use in fighting drugs in the community. Click here for more.